Welcome… this is my journey to date, what I learned, what I shared, what I did and what I built. It is about implementing a dream .My journey was born in Egypt where I was privileged to be a product of its education system, cultural diversity, peace and harmony.

Early in my youth I faced all challenges of the developing world political, economical and social during the 60's and 70's. At MIT(USA), I was privileged to study and work with leaders of knowledge advancement and education in the world. By the end of 1982, I had my PH.D. in the forefront of Information & Decision Support Systems(DSS). Later on, and after facing many problems, challenges, failures and disappointments; I was privileged and honored to lead Egypt transformation into the "Information Age".

Here is my journey in black and white, the challenges & success. It has been motivated by an unconditional love for Egypt and all Egyptians and continuous commitment for the challenges of development in the Arab World, Africa and developing world. This mix has evolved to contributing to the Global Information Society, global governance and initiatives leading to a better world.

Here is my journey....

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