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Established the ITI in 1992, initially to train government and public sector employees (more than 5 million) and young graduates (annually more than 500 thousands) on the newly spreading ICT. The objective was societal education and to build a user community and prepare a nation for an information society. By 1996, the government program graduated more than 30000 .By 1999 a nation wide community development program offering intensive ICT user courses, by 48 centers in different provinces, were training 300000 annually. Then a whole training industry flourished by private, public, NGO's and academia taking Egypt to the gateway of the information age. In 1993, a leading cutting edge nine-month program with a paid in scholarship, was established to offer a world-class diploma targeting high tech companies needs. ITI graduates, for long time, have been well recognized globally and regionally. Today, they are ICT industry leaders.


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