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Regional Information Technology Institute (RITI)

Regional IT Institute

Dr. ElSherif led the formation of the Regional IT Institute as subsidiary of RITSEC. RITI was established in 1992 as a center of excellence for the design, delivery and dissemination of training and professional development programs in a variety of domains and fields aiming at the formulation of world class managers, experts, practitioners and trainers. Under his leadership the Regional IT Institute become one of the leading institutions in the region in training and professional development. Its mandate is the design and delivery of academic and training development programs to help leverage skills and knowledge in various management, business, and information technology fields. RITI serves the region through its operations and activities and the exchange of knowledge and experience with regional institutions through the joint development and implementation in various countries. RITI's mission is to promote a highly qualified and developed generation in the region through; education, training, knowledge creation and dissemination in the fields of business, management, information and communication technologies. RITI Website:

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