Transforming Societies

• The first to introduce and implement the concepts of using information to support strategic decision making for governments.
• The first to formulate a vision and architecture for Egypt's Information Society.
• Created, nurtured and led the implementation of the base of Egypt's Information Infrastructure.
• Created the Information and Decision Support Center for the Egyptian Cabinet.
• Led the creation and realization of 1300 centers for Information and Decision Support in every Ministry, Governorate, City and Village.
• Introduced the Internet to Egypt and the Arab World, and created Egypt's Internet Backbone and Egypt's Internet Society.
• Created the first centralized repository of information required to support effective decision-making at the national level (900 projects).
• Under his leadership, IDSC was selected as one of the top 100 IT organizations in the world.

Creative Builder of Institutions

• Information & Decision Support Center to the Cabinet of Egypt (1985)
   - The first of its kind in the world
• Regional Information Technology & Software Engineering Center (1992)
   - The first of its kind in the region
• Regional Information Technology Institute (1992)
   - The first of its kind in the region
• The (National) Information Technology Institute (1992)
   - The first of its kind in Egypt
• IT Investments (1999)
   - First in the region
• IT Ventures (1999)
   - First in the region
• He is also directly responsible for building more than 29 technology related organizations.
• An institutional founder of the Smart Village project.
• The founder of "Arts Global" with headquarter in Paris.

Empowering a Nation

• The founder of programs and institutions contributing to:
   - Building Young Executives:
    • Graduated 1007 MBA's and 1400 executives in 14 years
    • More than 2000 currently enrolled
   - Building a Computer Literate Society:
    • Trained 300,000 per year in 1999
   - Building Technical Capacity (ITI)
    • More than 600 graduates per year of advanced computer graduates
   - On the Job (incubation) IT, Business and government Leaders
    • More than 4,000
• Creating over 40,000 jobs in Egypt's Information Industry.

& Social Development

• Created the vision, framework and plan for the Legislative Reform Program of Egypt.
• Led the implementation of the National Debt Management Program.
• Led the design and delivery of information support for Egypt's Economic Reform Program.
• Designed and Implemented the first National Budget database.
• Led the formulation and implementation of Egypt's Trade Network.
• Led the establishment of the information base of Egypt's Public Sector Reform and Privatization.
• Supervised the implementation of Egypt's National ID Program.
• Led the establishment of national companies ID Program.


• Created the vision of Pyramids Technology Valley. (late 80's).
• Led the formation of Egypt's First "High Technology Strategy".
• Founder of Egypt's first "High Technology Board" (500+ Companies).
• Founder of the first ICT companies Incubator.
• Founder of the first ICT Fund in the Arab World.


• The first to form a vision and a plan for digitization of cultural heritage in the world . . . "Cultureware"
• The first to lead the digitization of the cultural heritage in Egypt and the Arab World. (Museums, Manuscripts, Libraries, etc..)
• Proposed and led the formulation of the New "Great Egyptian Museum" Project.

In Technology

• Created and managed the First multi-million-dollar IT and Telecomm Fund in the Region.
• Founded IT Investments, a holding direct investment company with subsidiaries in networking and Telecommunications, software development, IT systems Integration, Media and E-business.

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